The Importance Of Education In The Bahamas

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The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is a country made up of archipelago carbonate islands, consisting of over 700 hundred islands and cays and shallow banks located in the North Western Atlantic Ocean (Vancher & Quinn, 1997). The Bahamas is known for its sun, sand and sea which makes it an enormous tourist attraction. Therefore, the number one industry in The Bahamas is tourism followed by banking (Tourism Today Network, 2015). As a nation that relies heavily on tourism there should be more educated citizens especially males to contribute and work in the tourism industry, at least with a completion of secondary education. Primary and Tertiary are other forms of education in The Bahamas. Education is incredibly essential in The Bahamas and today…show more content…
Obtaining an education helps an individual to live a decent life in the world today, because education provides circumstances in which culture and ethics of the world are established. Society can be developed economically and socially when individuals obtain an education, therefore, allows them to operate the present society (Fukase, 2010). Individuals obtain new methods throughout their life time that form opinions on the economic and social life. Education precisely allows society to understand the world around them, updating to new methods and resources that adapt to their surroundings. The present progression in technology has been essentially improved by education, as individuals are capable to use their skills that they learnt in their lifetime leading to innovations (Brewer, 2003). Employment in the modern world is built on education, as employees must have the essential skills that relate with the present technology to carry out their duties. Potential employees should be prepared with the skills they learnt to manage evolving technology in all manufacturing and agricultural regions (Brewer, 2003). Thus, education has become a simple principle to extent the labor market on the foundation of the necessary skills and the capabilities to appropriate them through appropriate communication (Katz-Gerro & Yaish ,…show more content…
The reversal from a male advantage to a female one in college enrollment and completion is an important social ill issue both in its own right and, because of its potential impacts on labor markets, marriage markets, family formation, and other arenas. Some males are aware and some aren’t aware of how important education is and the ones who are prepared are probably now leading towards pursuing technical and hands on careers. However, to pursuit a career in the technical field males will have to do so some kind of educational training course which is above secondary education. Some men never continue their education pass the secondary education level, because they may not be interested in what college has to offer. Most times women are more focused and committed than men when it comes to education, as early as primary education. Just by looking around in The College of The Bahamas one can see where there is a gap between females and males where there are more females. Even though there are some males in The College of The Bahamas not all the males are focus but they should be because as a nation The Bahamas needs more educated men to join the Government of The

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