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It is important for all organisations to understand the customer needs. Many procedures are used to understand the customers needs, but among all the methods used, survey is the most popular method. Most of the time, a business organisation use user base survey. Survey helps to find the organisation of their actual strengths and weaknesses. By asking relevant and proper questions a business organisation may get proper feedback from their users about the demand and needs of their product. Not only that, but also organisation can find the satisfaction level of users about their product by conducting a survey. Non-users survey is very useful for an organisation although it can be unusual in marketing research. By conducting a survey, company…show more content…
Benefits of user survey: Quality of product or services This will help an organisation understand their improvement of quality of product and service they provided. Although this will be the one of the best way to represent that quality being well deliver by product or service. Delivery time Delivery time will provide information to the user about the delivery time of the product or service. Value of…show more content…
Whether it is the value of the products or services the organisation offer, the quality of an organisation’s customer service, or even the faith that the customer has in their business’s long-term strategies, it is always useful to gain insight into how the customer is currently feeling about the company. Tracking changes in feedback Surveys are also repeatable. An organisation can run the survey every so often in order to continue to obtain feedback. Surveys can have the same questions, it would allow the organisation to compare data over time and see if there are any changes or improvements required. For example, if the company receives an overall score of 8/10 on a follow up survey, that may seem like a high number, but if they had achieved 10/10 the previous time the survey was conducted, it may imply something is wrong. Shows commitment to the customer Often customers like the idea that a company is seeking their feedback, because it shows that the company is committed to keeping them as loyal customers. There are many companies that take their clients for granted. Customer satisfaction surveys serve as a reminder that the company cares enough to make business decisions based on customers’

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