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Methodology 2.1. Research approach and strategy The research approach will be deductive. We have designed some statements based on EFQM and 4P excellence model and done survey among MCI managers and strategy experts. 2.2. Research type and method Field Research - Structured statements - for the purpose of gathering information, the prioritized statements have been defined. The data has been gathered through structured statements which have been asked MCI managers and strategy experts. The statements have been categorized based on EFQM and “4p” excellence model and prioritized by subject experts in brain storming meetings. So the outcome of the research is applied. 2.3. The assessment framework Based on literature review, the assessment framework…show more content…
They were asked to fill questionnaire based on Likert scale from 1 to 7 which “1” for importance means very minor importance and “7” indicates very high importance. On the agreement range, “1” shows that the respondents fully disagree while “7” indicates that the respondents fully agree with the statement. The analysis approach is so simple. In general, the importance (I) shows the organization needs and the agreement (A) indicates the organizational performance. So the largest gaps between “I” and “A” are in fact prioritized improvement opportunities for organization. If importance is higher than agreement you have identified an improvement area and the prioritization will be based on the amount of identified gaps. The biggest gaps should be selected as the prioritized areas of improvement. In the opposite, if the agreement is significant higher than important, you can reduce resources for those areas. The formula of calculating ILL is “A/I”. So the amount of ILL will be a number between “0” to “1”. If the measure is very close to “1”, it shows that the organizational performance is excellent within the area measured and if the measure is very close to zero, it indicates that the performance needs an improvement and there is an illness…show more content…
improving knowledge and skills of our people is implementing 4.56 6.09 1.5 0.75 People 13. our vision, mission and strategy is clearly defined for our people and they understand it very well 4.50 6.00 1.5 0.75 People 14.developing and rewarding people is defined in our culture 3.50 5.97 2.5 0.59 People 15. we have internal communication in all levels and directions which are defined effectively 3.71 6.00 2.3 0.62 People 16. we share our necessary data and information properly 3.56 5.65 2.1 0.63 People 17.we have rewarding system to motivate our people 3.00 5.79 2.8 0.52 People 18. we have assigned proper people to all of our strategic projects and initiatives 3.62 5.68 2.1 0.64 People 19.our people are enthusiastic to learn more and more 3.71 5.62 1.9 0.66 People 20.changes in different aspects like strategy, policies, operation and …are accepted by our people 2.97 5.56 2.6 0.53 People 21.I have been informed about the company strategy in different ways like email, presentation ,etc.) 4.85 5.76 0.9 0.84 Process 22.the needs and expectation of our stakeholders are the basis of defining our strategy 5.03 6.12 1.1 0.82 Process 23.understanding our external environment is considered in our strategy 4.85 6.09 1.2

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