Pros And Cons Of Sex Education In Public Schools

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Sex education in public schools is a hot subject full of controversy right now in the USA. The split comes to the question of whether abstinence-only or comprehensive sex education is the way to go for today's teens. The controversy comes from a parent's belief that having a talk about sex with their children will be awkward or that their teens will exhibit risky behavior with their knowledge of sex, and as religion being a heavy influence in America premarital sex is not seen with acceptance. Research has shown that comprehensive sexual education is the best way to educate teenagers about sex, sexuality, gender and much more without the awkward conversations that neither extensive, honest, unbiased nor accurate as the ones had in both parent/child discussions and abstinence-only education. The question now is: should comprehensive sex education be a requirement in public schools for every student? As having had first hand experience in both sex education from my mother and from my public schools, I…show more content…
One gap I noticed was that it speaks about fighting ignorance based on gender, but I found no resource or category for gender. The element I found important is that it offers resources to help end abstinence-only programs. Susan Rose wrote the article "Going too far? Sex, sin and social policy." The main idea is that comprehensive sex education is best for teenagers. I didn't notice any assumptions or gaps. The important element of the article is the reason I chose this source. It has public opinions of teens from the US and Denmark within the article to exhibit the differences between the two nations in opinion and view about sex and

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