Types Of Pull Strategy

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Abstract In today’s market, competition is all what companies think of. All the companies want to increase sales and cover the maximum market with their products and services. In such market conditions customers plays a vital role as they are the reason behind company’s success. To stand in a market a company needs to attract customers, here sales promotion comes in to play. All companies are now producing quality products, this leads to a requirement of something that can attract customers or force them to shift over to new brand. Sales promotion is process to promote the products and services of a company by offering attractive offers that customers can’t resist. These offers include discounts,…show more content…
The objective of this strategy is to induce the retailers, distributors and wholesalers to promote the product and push it to the customers. Examples of push strategy are contests, free trials, buy-back guarantees, advertising items and discounts. A Pull Strategy This strategy mainly focuses on the customers rather than retailers and distributors. Pull strategy is to make customers Pull or buy directly from the company itself. It targets its marketing efforts on the consumers hoping that it will increase the demand and sales of the product. The strategy comes into play when retailers and distributors refuse to promote and distribute the products. Examples of Pull strategy are coupons, loyalty programs, contests, games, point-of-purchase display etc. Combination Of Both Pull And Push…show more content…
It focuses on both the retailer and distributors, and the customers, both parties are targeted directly. It is beneficial from the parties, the customers and retailers. Limitations In The Study • Due to lack of time survey was conducted within the region of Faridabad. • Same reason caused the sample size to be just 50 consumers and 50 retailers • Language was an issue. Some people could not fill the form due to one reason or the other. • Final report of the study or survey cannot be used as a base for any decision as it is only based on a limited area and limited people. • The results can also be different if the sample size is increased. • And also people might have given biased answers due to lack of knowledge or may be to present themselves as more of a health conscious person. Conclusion of the Report • Sales promotion has become a very useful promotional tool all over the world. Sales promotion itself can not attract the customers, or have a short-term impact on their choices. Thus it becomes important for the company's to build their brand image and produce products that cannot be refused by the customers. Sales promotion can only bring customers, but retaining them is company's

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