Essay On Family Parks

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. Money for the park can be raised through members of the community working together. A community park would bring more business, health, and enjoyment to the village of Johnstown. Keywords: Family, Parks, Nature, Johnstown, Ohio, Community, Exercise The Benefits of Family Parks in Johnstown, Ohio Imagine hiking winding trails on a bright, sunny day, laughing with many newfound friends, and watching children scamper around the playground. With the help of the people in Johnstown, a public park can be a reality, improving the overall wellbeing of the community. This one change can provide many opportunities previously just dreams in the minds of Johnstown's citizens. Presently, Johnstown does not have a place for families of all ages to exercise outside, but with the addition of a new family park this is possible. The Problem: Johnstown Needs More Parks The citizens of Johnstown, Ohio do not have an appropriate area to hike, get fresh air, and exercise. One playground is available in Johnstown, but the playground has equipment catering to young children and not enough land for older individuals to get a proper amount of exercise. The playground does not have features that appeal to a variety of citizens. Johnstown also has a paved…show more content…
Participate in the community 5k and donate money to help bring this family park, beneficial to all ages, to Johnstown, Ohio. Volunteer time and effort to make this park a beautiful part of the Johnstown community that will bring people from all over to visit the town. A beautiful sunrise while hiking through the woods with children laughing in the distance, is an exhilarating way to start the morning off right. The joys and benefits found in a public park outweigh the expenses, making a public park a useful and desirable new component of
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