Evolution Of Society Essay

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Society is an institution which consists of a group of people that live in the same social territory with the same dominant culture and political authority. Societies have an interaction and connection with each other over the trade, tourism, work and global issues. There are a number of society types which have different origin, culture, tradition, the way of life and history. Each society has own experience of life and the way of change and development in social and technological terms. Level of development, a variety of life experience and their evolution history change from society to society because every society has different needs and conditions. The place that they live shape each society’s way of life differently, by…show more content…
Hunting and gathering societies emphasized on cooperation rather than competition in contrast to industrial and postindustrial societies. Hunting and gathering societies do not have any division of rich and poor in comparison with other societies. While hunting and gathering societies do not have any inequalities of wealth and power, ındustrial and postindustrial societies have the inequality of wealth, power, economy, education and working conditions. The division of urban and rural is more distinct and obvious in industrial and postindustrial societies. In political and economic terms, people that are belong to ındustrial and postindustrial societies are governed by a government and follow the written rules called laws to conform with others and each of them has different social roles because of a variety of jobs unlike premodern societies. In premodern societies, there is not any economic system which divide people into class, yet industrial and postindustrial societies have an economic system which creates social and class inequalities because they are based on industry. In addition to postindustrial societies, the meaning of wealth and power is to generate, store, manipulate and sell
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