Gender And Gender Roles In Tokyo Ghoul

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The anime series called Tokyo Ghoul started from a Manga, a japanese comic book, in 2011. This series follows a orphan boy named Ken Kaneki , he was once a normal teenager going to school and hanging with his best friend Hideyoshi until one day he met a beautiful woman named Rize who went out on a date with him , and used him to get what she needed.. his blood. She was a ghoul one of the best that were around Tokyo feasting on human flesh. As she was killing Kaneki the building where they were collapsed onto them and Rize was killed, the doctors saved Kaneki and put Rize organs into Kaneki to keep him alive. We learned about deviance in society, which is the way society judges things as not socially correct . In episode 1 of Tokyo Ghoul he…show more content…
In sociology we learned about sex and gender this semester about how in today's society a lot of LGBT and transgenders are coming around and becoming accepted. In Tokyo Ghoul Shuu Tsukiyama is obviously supposed to be a gay french man, and you could tell by how he carries himself and talks , he even had a “crush” on Ken . Today’s society is based off what we learned years ago , how the woman is supposed to be a housewife , clean , cook , become a mother take care of the kids. She’s supposed to be clean, nice , and submissive episode 2 of Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kirishima becomes a main female character that is completely different from what society has in mind for women. She lost her father when she was young , so she became tough and didn’t believe in anyone so she was a loner type of ghoul. She had to teach Ken how to toughen up and understand life as a new half ghoul isn’t going to be easy and that he has to be ruthless to survive.. Touka’s mother was brutally murdered in episode 9 the men in the show was telling her to don’t go out getting revenge, to let it go ; she went out and attacked someone close to the man who killed her mother. She is more manly than feminine and in this society that is considered definitely

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