Importance Of Emotional Intelligence

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Abstract In this project we will first describe what Emotional Intelligence is. We will visit the definition of Emotional Intelligence; we will explain emotional intelligence in detail and will discuss the importance of EI in Job performance. Next, we will visit the arguments in favor of EI and the arguments against it. We have conducted a survey to know the Emotional Intelligence Quotient among management students. This constitutes the major part of our research. We will discuss the different attributes used in our survey that helped us measure the Emotional Intelligence. We will be describing the process of analyzing the collected data and different techniques employed to draw a meaningful inference from a given data. Finally we will be…show more content…
People who can deduce their own emotions and are also good at understanding the emotions of other people are most likely to be effective. Four Branch Model of Emotional Intelligence- Importance of Emotional Intelligence in job performance – Several researches have shown that emotional intelligence has a very important role in job performance. Below are the few of the studies that were done to analyze the same – 1. Used fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) technology – It was found that the executive MBA students performed best because they more likely incorporated emotion centers of their brain. 2. Another study was done on 11 U.S presidents to look at their successes and failures. They were evaluated on six qualities – communication, political skill, organization, cognitive style, vision and emotional intelligence. Out of these qualities it was emotional intelligence that acted as a differentiator between the successful and unsuccessful. 3. Simulation study was done which showed that the students who were able to identify their feelings were able to make more profits while making investment…show more content…
This gives way to the argument that Emotional Intelligence is nothing but a Euphemism for the combination of cognitive intelligence and personality traits. Since, these attributes that actually make Emotional Intelligence, are much better defined, it makes it more difficult to argue in favor of Emotional Intelligence. The question arises that why not consider the other significant psychological processes that are well studied and are directly related to biology rather than considering a process that is less understood and ill

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