Importance Of Resilience In College

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Being a first-generation Latina has not been easy for me because I have had to surpass many obstacles such as stereotypes, indirect racism, learning how to find my resources, and living within my means. Though I have always been an honors student, after graduating high school I was only encouraged to apply to community colleges. It was a blessing when a Pierce College Outreach Representative motivated me to apply to California State University, Northridge and helped me complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. After being accepted to CSUN, this is when my persistence in my educational endeavor college began. I remember how happy, anxious, and overwhelmed I felt my first week at California State University. I knew in my heart…show more content…
I met her in Biology 100 class and I was so amazed how many things we had in common. She had also tried joining a sorority and realized she could not afford it. I connected with her because she understood my struggles and had a Hispanic background. We promised to ourselves that we were going to motivate each other until the day we walked staged. She was one of my support systems. If I needed a study buddy, she would be the person I asked. In addition, we took most of our classes together until she decided to change majors. By having her by my side, I suddenly did not feel like a little fish on a big pond. According to Seidman “…they derive meaning from those interactions in ways that may lead them to feel at home and/or a member of a place or community. They feel they belong” (Seidman 2012, p.264). I strongly agree social interaction can make students feel integrated. As a result, this was of the variables why I persisted in college and I felt part of CSUN. I did not feel I needed to join a sorority to feel noticed or at home. If I needed to hear words of encouragement, she would give them to me and if I was confused on how to obtain some of the institution resources, we would walk together to the offices and ask for further information. She was my support…show more content…
I was not studying enough and I did not feel prepared for the rigorous class performance I was expected to complete by my professor. As a result, the Learning Resource Center offered me academic support. This center supported my persistence in college because they took the time to review with me the material I was having trouble understanding and helped me develop study skills. Also, I decided to attend tutoring with three other students from my class that had a trouble understanding the subject. We supported each other and even met during the weekends to study before a test. Visiting the Learning Resource Center and forming a study grouped is what led me to pass the class with an A. According to Seidman, “Quite simply, the more students are academically and socially involved, the more likely they are to persist and graduate” (Seidman 2012, p.268). My involvement with the Learning Resource Center and with my classmates is what geared me to learn and persist in my remedial

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