The Importance Of Facetime And Facebook

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Since the late of the 20th century up to now, we had witnessed so many changes and improvements in technology that make our life more convenient and better. Communication technology is one of those six types technology that we are having nowadays. Facetime and Facebook are the popular two communication technologies that are very popular around the world. There are many great things which Facetime and Facebook can bring to us in this hustle and bustle life, such as long-distance communication, helping us saving time and money, connecting to the world, having more friends and open opportunities. Separation has always been a terror to many people. It has broken many loves of families, pairs, and amities. Back in the midst of 1975, the Fall of…show more content…
Facetime, the tremendous application which had created to fulfill the improving communication technology. The importance of staying connected is not only just knowing that person is living well, but also seeing that person lively through video. However, Facetime has made communication becomes easier, faster and more convenient for everyone at any ages, even if it is a close or long distance communication. Facetime helps us communicate with families, loved ones, friends and other relatives. We could easily reach the phone or laptop to voice call them or video call them immediately. With Facetime, we could hear the sweet voice and see the lovely face of the person who we had familiarized. We could know what they are doing at the current time and learn more about the place where they are living. We could chat, share many things and show them our cares for them as long as we want. Facetime has made communication with each other on a more personal level, it helps us to be able to share some special moments, even when are not able to be there in person. Moreover, Facetime is very useful for business, we could make and save lots of money without taking flights overseas, but the transactions and conferences still go through. Facetime has helped many long distance relationships still stay in shape and families in touch. With our busy lifestyle, FaceTime allows us to have a…show more content…
Catching up events, doing businesses, having opportunities, finding old friends or making new friends were the difficult things for us in the past. But nowadays, they are not too difficult for us in this new world anymore. By using Facebook, connecting to the world has never been easier for any of. Facebook is a free technology, which is one of the best media for communication because we can use it anytime at anywhere. With the help of Facebook, we can connect to and learn more about many different people from anywhere in the

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