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Chapter 1 Introduction Introduction: Hello 1 Solution is a leading event management company with interests in event planning, corporate functions and conferences, and private functions. Arrange the inbound and outbound tours. We’ll put in all it takes to make your event or tour memorable one. From inspirational ideas to fabulous strong themes and creative tours planner, you can trust us at Hello 1 solution to create memorable experiences that exceed your expectations. Because we look at each event as a custom made project irrespective of size or budget, we believe that you will let us exhibit our passion and dedication to stage your event with a guarantee to outshine your expectations! True to the expression, ‘we love what…show more content…
As tourist attractions, events are different from built and permanent ones because of their uniqueness in time and place, as well as the various experiences they can offer. As event tourism is a rapidly growing field of business, there is increased competition between destinations, regions and communities. Hence it has become an essential feature of marketing strategies among destinations, as events can be beneficial in economic, environmental and social functions of communities. Events are important contributors to the wellbeing of…show more content…
The internet has formed new practices in marketing business and buying behavior of tourists and customers. Websites act as an extended office, open 24/7, and represent the quality of services and products offered by the company. As website is a source where companies can bring their customers to be aware of all types of information, they can look up on recent updates and services online and have therefore started to use internet as a medium to broadcast their message on

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