Filipino Spirituality

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SOC is also found to alleviate depression caused by threats of terminal illness and its treatment process among patients undergoing stem cell transplant. This is consistent with other findings that patients with higher SOC are more likely to experience better mental health compared to those with lower SOC. Antonovsky (1987) argues that the pressure present when facing challenging circumstances does not become stressful for an individual who perceives them as comprehensible, manageable, and challenging. Therefore, patients who are high in SOC may likely better understand the reason behind their treatment and the possible risks and outcomes associated with it regardless of its undesirability and unpredictability (comprehensibility). Patients…show more content…
Spirituality is experienced as faith or putting one's trust in God during especially during difficult situations, having a personal relationship and being connected with God, and developing positive character such as being moral, optimistic, and steadfast in times of difficulties. Having spirituality among Filipino adolescents instilled meaning in their lives. This study is in line with the study of Yabut (2013) who interviewed different key informants in Filipino spirituality and religion. In order to understand Filipino spirituality, it needs to be studied alongside Filipino religion. Filipino spirituality is also conceptualized as a phenomenological or personal experience pertaining to one's relationship with a higher being and other people. In another study, Yabut (2017) examined the conceptualization of spirituality in the Philippines and identified three themes namely connectedness with the sacred, sense of meaning and purpose, and expressions of spirituality. The first aspect, connectedness with the sacred includes having a connection with a Supreme Being, with people, or with nature. The second aspect, sense of meaning is a phenomenological approach in developing a purposeful sense of self, identity, morality, and values. The last aspect refers to expression of spirituality seen through one’s actions, in one’s relationships and activities. This is in relation to the Filipino concept of kapwa where relationship to others is given

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