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My life, thus far, has been marked by a string of sadnesses and by the fictional characters who helped me through them. My very early childhood wasn’t sad, exactly, but it was shaped heavily by the characters in the shows I watched and in the games I played. I wanted to be Annie from the Magic Tree House books – bold and lively and hopeful. I wanted to be Link of Hyrule from the Legend of Zelda – quiet, yet courageous. I wanted to be them and so much more before I even started school. I modeled myself after these characters, and while that wasn’t something I ever realized I did, it became apparent once I grew old enough to really look back on my childhood. Once I started school, I felt an immediate kinship with Hermione Granger from the…show more content…
Three of those characters particularly piqued my interested, especially considering the circumstances under which they grew up and the hardships I was facing early in my freshman year: Dick Grayson (Nightwing/Robin I/Batman, briefly), Cassandra Cain (Batgirl II/Black Bat) and Damian Wayne (Robin V). (It’s important to note that these characters all grow to see the importance of found family over blood…show more content…
He, more than almost anyone, should be angry at what the world has given him: parents murdered in front of him, an emotionally-closed father figure, two dead brothers and so much more. But he perseveres. While Dick is sometimes exactly like Bruce Wayne in that he is emotionally stunted and can have anger issues, he never ever lets that get in the way of the family he found. He treats Damian, his youngest brother, like a son when no one else even gives the kid a second glance. He’s a sexual assault survivor who still lets people in. He works so hard to make life better for his family even when it comes at a cost to him. Dick Grayson became a hero to me. Damian and Cassie are my heroes for different, but more obvious reasons. They were both raised as assassins, killers set to do their parents’ bidding, but through the kindness of others, of their heroes (Dick and Bruce), they were able to break free and do real good in the world. They were able to find real, loving families, who, even if they weren’t related by blood, still loved without

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