Declining Student Resilience Case Study Review

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Students and Seroquel In a piece titled "Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges", Peter Gray (Ph.D.) examines the growing trend of mental instability among university students. Collegiate faculty, and, in particular, college counselors, have reported higher rates of psychiatric disorders in campus resident's year after year. Though Gray concedes that this problem is multifaceted, he places the majority of blame two parties: academia and parenting, proposing that their tendency to fold under the slightest of pressure compounded with an ever-present overbearing streak is rotting higher education from the inside-out. The Boston College Professor cites several examples which set the stage for the crux of his argument: the kids need to toughen up. It appears as if Gray is not alone in this sentiment, as other professors/board members have taken note of growing fragility within the youth. He reached out to a colleague from a major university who…show more content…
This, however, is not the case for Peter Gray, as he rails against needy students and the pressure they put on universities. Gray reports that many of his colleagues have seen a lack of self-efficacy, personal responsibility, and resilience among their pupils. Counseling centers mention receiving an overwhelming flux of phone calls over insignificant matters, making their already taxing job nearly impossible. It might seem as if most of scrutiny is being attributed to a collective flaw in student character, but Gray takes a much more objective stance on the matter, proposing that the institutions themselves need to "buck up." The author views educators who crumble in the face of any excuse brought to their desk as no less liable than woeful students when it comes to the current state of

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