Marijuana In Chris Lee's The Need For Weed?

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For years, the argument of whether marijuana is a beneficial or a detrimental thing for athletes has been a controversial topic. Many people believe that it is a danger to society, while others believe that it is completely harmless. Several athletes have confessed to using marijuana; as a result, the big question surfacing is whether or not athletes should be able to use marijuana in order to make their training easier. In the essay, “The Need for Weed,” by Chris Lee, the author argues that it should be legalized for athletes to use marijuana. Lee argues athletes should be able to use marijuana due to the fact that it’s a great recovery aid, it’s already being used effectively by several athletes without harm, and it doesn’t give athletes an unfair advantage; with that being said, I believe that Lee’s arguments are very logical, and I agree with him. Lee provides solid evidence, statistics, and credible sources throughout his…show more content…
According to the data in the essay, science has proven that it is an effective product that does not boost performance and does not make athletes better. Marijuana does not give athletes superpowers to make them stronger or run faster; it just allows for their body to calm down temporarily, so they won’t feel the hard work in their body at that exact moment. In my opinion, if it doesn’t give the athletes any unfair advantages, I don’t see any reason that the athletes shouldn’t be able to use marijuana to make themselves feel better before or after training. Metaphorically speaking, marijuana does make people physically stronger; it just calms their senses. Cannabis is believed to be much better for the human body than steroids and performance boosters. Lee provides statistics from science about how marijuana can be beneficial to the human body, and I completely believe in his

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