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The worse condition of the sea nowadays is caused by several factors, one of that factor is land-based pollution. Land-based sources are responsible for around 80 percent of all marine pollution (UN, 2004). According to the fourth UN World Water Development Report, only 20 percent of globally produced wastewater receives proper treatment (UNESCO, 2012). Not only factories di Indonesia, but global factories should pay attention to their wastewater disposal to be processed first so it would not cause marine pollution. But, the biggest concern is plastic because it takes long time about a thousand years to decompose. Indonesia dispose of plastic waste as much as 3.2 million tonnes, and the second contributor plastic garbage in the sea after China…show more content…
one example of the use of technology is to make the trash contained sensors to distinguish the type of garbage so that people will properly dispose of waste according to type. There are still many people, especially the people of Indonesia who still discard the garbage is not separated first according to the type. Separation of waste according to the type will facilitate the garbage officers to process it. Plastic needs to be processed properly because if only stacked the toxics in the plastic will be absorbed in the soil and will flow into the sea. It not only causes marine pollution, but might cause soil pollution. For the country that already has too much garbage, Government might increase the cleaners to make it faster to clean up the garbage, especially the garbage in the river so it would not to blok the running of water. Besides that, Government needs to provide a lot of public education to raise awareness to no longer throw garbage in the river and about the importance of health. Water is the biggest part of the earth and the most needed thing for human because most of human body is water and human still need food from marine for nutrition, so society needs to protect marine

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