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ROCHILDE A Pre-Feasibility Study Proposal Presented to the College of Commerce and Business Administration Entrepreneurship Department University of Santo Tomas In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of the Degree Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship By Ruiz, Kyla Chelsea Aurelio November, 2016 BUSINESS CONCEPT Rochilde is a bag company that creates two ways to use the same bag. It is an innovation with the regular backpack this day. The Rochilde offers a backpack that could be turned into a handbag. For now the bag has three variations of color we offer it cream, maroon, and black. A bag for the women is a statement that shows a glimpse of her empowerment. I would like to see women using the product which who are curious,…show more content…
That single stream would be the sales of the backpack/handbag. From the website we would allow different advertisement so we would have extra revenue stream not only the sales of the product that we sold but also with the ads. Market Synopsis Target Market: The target market of Rochilde are women who of age are between 18 – 35, who are student and white- collar professional. The Rochilde women using the product which who are curious, creative and accomplished. Who lived in the pearl of the orient of the Philippines. Market Research and Market survey Dear Participant: My name is Kyla Chelsea A. Ruiz and I am a student at University of Santo Tomas. For my Homework task, I am examining the Quality, delivery, and price (QDP) of the New Company called ROCHILDE. I am inviting you to participate in this research study by completing the attached surveys. The following questionnaire will require approximately 3-4 minutes to complete. In order to ensure that all information will remain confidential, please do not include your name. Participation is strictly voluntary and you may refuse to participate at any

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