Efficiency Movement In America

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Six years ago my family and I embarked on our longest journey to date. We were going to fly to the United States of America. My brother and I were ecstatic and our parents were cautious but overjoyed that we were finally going to be travelling such a long distance. We used to speak about coming to America after the first holiday as a family, and we were finally on that twenty-hour flight. After we had landed in the Dubai International Airport, we were exhausted because our previous leg of the flight had cut through our night; we were grumpy and just wanted to get to America already. After another fourteen hours we had started our descent in to John F. Kennedy International Airport. Once we had gotten off the plane my dad had warned me that…show more content…
There were storm surges as high as nine meters high and there had been flooding on the previous days before the actual hurricane hit. There were many organizations that acted heroically and efficiently in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Coast Guard rescued about thirty-four thousand people in New Orleans alone. The American citizens have high expectations from the American government to react immediately when there is a disaster. They sacrifice their spending power in forms of taxes so that the government may have the funds to help them when they are in need of…show more content…
The Efficiency Movement’s aim was to reduce and identify waste in all areas of the economy and society, and to develop and implement best practices. This concept played a very significant role in the Progressive Era in the United States; the concept really thrived in 1890-1932. Supporters of the theory believed that all aspects of the economy, society, and the government were riddled with waste and inefficiency. This also swiftly leads to the concept of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. How many times have we heard that throughout our lives? Earth day? The amount of statistics that we receive everyday showing us how quickly we are in fact destroying the earth. Even though America is the biggest producer of wastes in the world. The country still celebrates recycling and reducing. Especially within the twenty-first century the whole concept of recycling was heavily drilled into an average American’s lifestyle. In New York, if an individual does not recycle they receive a ticket and are fined. It is linked in with the Efficiency Movement in terms of reducing waste at a social level. The whole concept of recycling was to increase efficiency in America and around the world. It is celebrated on days such as World Earth Day and Americans are also sacrificing for it at the cost of their children’s

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