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torative Justice The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has defined restorative justice as "an evolving response to crime that respects the dignity and equality of each person, builds understanding, and promotes social harmony through the healing of victims, offenders and communities provide an opportunity for victims to obtain reparation, feel safer and seek closure; allows offenders to gain insight into the causes and effects of their behaviour and to take responsibility in a meaningful way; and, enables communities to understand the underlying causes of crime, to promote community well-being and to prevent crime..." Processes for restorative justice include mediation, conciliation, conferencing and sentencing circles. See the bibliography on restorative justice. Also see links to some restorative justice organizations and some standards for restorative justice. Adjudication (including courts, tribunals and binding arbitration) and case management "Adjudication" is a term that can include decision making by a judge in a court, by an administrative tribunal or quasi-judicial tribunal, a specially appointed commission, or by an arbitrator. An adjudicator determines the outcome of a dispute by making a decision for the parties that is final, binding and enforceable. The parties present their case…show more content…
For example, many arbitrations are voluntary in that both parties agree to submit the dispute to arbitration, and the parties often agree on the selection of the arbitrator and the procedural rules. Generally, rules of evidence and procedure are more relaxed than the rules of court. Arbitration can also be ordered by a court or be compelled by a statute. In such cases, the arbitrator is usually appointed by a judge or government official. An arbitrator has limited jurisdiction that is strictly determined by the construction of the relevant arbitration agreement or

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