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A STUDY ON BUSINESS AUGMENTATION OF SMALL SCALE PLASTIC INDUSTRIES IN SOUTH INDIA ABSTRACT: Plastic goods are manufacturing from plastics which can mould in various shapes. The plastic industrialists have moulded the plastic for end users. The developments of consortium and cluster arrangements are encouraging the establishment of small scale plastic industries in South India. But the small scale industrial proprietors are lagging in technology developments and awareness to gain the benefits from government schemes. Various schemes are available for sanction the loan and provide training from various banks and government authorities for plastic manufacturing. But perfect manufacturing should plan by the proprietor for excellent business growth. So that business augmentation of small scale plastic industries is the major…show more content…
This paper has indicates various methods for business augmentation of small scale industries (SSI) producing plastic goods. In Tamilnadu state of South India, most of the plastic products are join commodities consume by some significant type of industries like automobile and packaging industries. So large numbers of plastic manufacturers are depends with the consumer industries. The general merchants are the direct supplier for plastic products to end users. They have shops in major cities and towns to sell the plastic products with other consumable items. The plastic manufacturers also can get bulk orders from various tender announcements of consumer industries and organizations for huge requirements. In South India, most of the plastic manufacturing proprietors are lag in administration and management skills like manufacturing, marketing and industrial development activities. But it has most essential for industrial establishments of small scale plastic units. So this study has most important for business establishment of SSI plastic

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