Environmental Importance Of Aluminium

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1.0 Introduction Aluminium is a very important metal in the present day world because of its unique properties. It is the most widely available metal in the Earth’s crust as the crust consists of approx. 8% aluminium by weight. It is present in 270 different mineral forms around the world and bauxite is main ore to extract aluminium (Shakhashiri, 2008). In comparison with other elements, it is third most abundant in the crust. Most of the world’s aluminium supply comes from countries like Australia, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Indonesia and a few others as they have huge bauxite reserves. It is estimated that the global per capita holding of aluminium amounts to an average of about 80 kilograms (International Resource Panel, 2010).…show more content…
This paper intends to discuss such problems with a main focus on the environmental strategies of one of the major aluminium manufacturers in the world, UC RUSAL. UC RUSAL is one of the leading aluminium producers in the world (second largest) and produces about 9% of the total global output. The company’s history of environmental protection, their environmental strategies and how well they work in reality, and their path towards a sustainable society will be taken as a case study in the later chapters. Before that, there will be a brief explanation on the importance of aluminium and its life cycle. The easiest examples of aluminium usage in daily life are for keeping food warm and fresh with the help of aluminium foils and in cans of cold beverages like beer or soft drinks. Some countries use aluminium to make coins of their currency as well. It doesn’t end there. There are various other uses of this metal on its own or in the form of alloys. Moreover, it is easy to recycle aluminium in comparison with other popular metals. Importance of aluminium in the present day world will be discussed in the next chapter with respect to its properties and suitable…show more content…
Fluoride gases are very harmful for humans, animals and all types of vegetation. Moreover, the discharge of industrial effluents in the nearby water bodies has harmful effects as well. Industrial waste from the process of refinement has to be disposed off in proper landfills or other appropriate ways depending on the type of waste. Such waste can have harmful effects on the land and the local ecosystem. Plus, a lot of energy is utilized for producing aluminium from alumina and hence the industries prefer to have their own source of power generation. So, the pollution caused due to power generation also adds up to the pollution of this

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