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CHAPTER 4: ASSESSMENT OF THE INTERNSHIP 4.1 Skills and qualifications gained from the internship Working as an intern at BMG International Education has been a great experience for me. In a dynamic working environment, I had opportunity to gain knowledge, improve many skills, and expand my relationship network. The internship provided variable skills needed for my future development. Be a member of Team Event, I knew how to do efficiently with others. I learnt to raise my voice in discussions so that everyone concentrates on my ideas but not break the friendly atmosphere. Moreover, I also knew how to practice my individual skills in the real situations. Finally, by my skills, I limited well the conflicts between team members. This is a very…show more content…
I always set a schedule that clarifies all tasks with specific deadline and sort them by priority. Base on the schedule, I can control the time to finish the tasks and ensure every works were completed. This internship also helps me to develop business communication skills. I was exposed to many people including co-workers, managers, partners, customers, etc. There are many different ways to communicate efficiently, and my ability was built through choose the best way with each person. In addition, because of nature of work, I had to presents in front of team members. Those presentations were chances for me to practice the ability to speak in public as well as construct an excellent speech. After completing an internship, I have developed more practical knowledge in the field of Marketing, especially Event Organization, as well as built more new relationships. I have met and cooperated with the young people with the same passion about Marketing, and some experienced staffs in this field. I believe that those knowledge and relationships will be helpful for me in the…show more content…
When I was assigned to be coordinator of an event, I had to make sure that every single preparing step (checklist, script, arrangement, venue selection, preparing instruments, etc) was finished before due date, prepare for bad situations which can happen and also solutions for them. In the day that the program was happening, I checked the positions of staffs and solved unexpected situations. In additions, I also took the blame on supporting other marketing strategies of company. I actively participated in brainstorm meetings for new campaigns, supported for funding part of company (contacted with universities in Ho Chi Minh City, introduced our programs, checked the contracts between BMG with universities as well as supporting units). Moreover, I was responsible on classifying the available database of potential customers and posting information’s into company’s new website. 4.3 Correlation between internship activities and classroom

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