Human Services Internship Report

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I have greatly enjoyed my field experience internship Human Services. I interacted with a senior named Gloria who lives in a retirement home by counseling, having conversations, playing games, sharing hobbies, and even going on short walks, allowing her to decide what we would do for the day. This gave me a great opportunity to get involved in her life. I have been able to watch her overcome obstacles in her life, such as trying to forget some traumas that she had in her life, such as an accident or a poor relationship with family. Some of the elderly feel discriminated against because they have certain types of disabilities. This experience has been very rewarding personally because rewarded personally because I was able to provide them…show more content…
In addition, we discussed what can be done to make it better, What has to be done to satisfy the client. I had to report in person and by written statement. She also talked with the senior to see how I treated her. After I met with the elderly I was assisting, I had to inform and update Laura of what activities I was doing. At those meetings we discussed many things that had to remain confidential during our scheduled time together.Another type of supervision is formal case presentation.In this meeting they imformed interns about advise and guidance in how elderly senior issues should be handled. During the meetings, I was reminded of workshop sessions that related to the internship. For example, I attended a workshop information session that helped and guided interns about what to do if we should ever.In how individuals should ever witness any abuse of our seniors. For those of you who have older folks in your lives because it is important to know that during the winter months, our homebound elderly are more isolated and are prone to being abused physically, emotionally, financially, etc. After speaking to the client, Laura gave me feedback and she told me…show more content…
In general, before we began the supervisory sessions I felt enthusiastic and excited, yet anxious, unsure, overwhelmed confused, motivated, worried about making mistakes, hesitant, and scared to be observed. After the supervision,I felt though, I felt less anxious, more realistic, and motivated. Also, I felt that I was growing in confidence, willing to be observed, and learning from my mistakes. I found it helpful because it helped to me to become more responsible. It helped me to implement a learning plan, develop my professional skills and knowledge, and integrate theory and practice. I also gained exposure to all facets of the agency, and experience in all levels of practice. Further learnings included: being able to play a variety of social work roles; provide counseling and be a friend without expecting something in return; and, being able to apply the code of ethics according from national social work association. In addition, I was able to create a supportive environment for the client to express her feelings Moreover, this internship allowed me to identify my strengths and address limitations. I have found this internship helpful to understand the need for social justice and integrity, the importance of human rights, dignity, and worth of a person are all essential social work

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