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2. Internship in a Startup According to me, internship in a startup is the best chance any student can get to know the actual functioning of a company. I have done my internship in Function Space which is a startup established in 2012. Initially I was skeptical about the internship at the organization. But my parents encouraged me to do an internship which practically means something and not just for sake of the certificate. So, I thought to give a try at the Function Space. Everything I thought about work in a startup has changed after my first week of stay at the organization. I came to clearly understand the actual working in an organization and how different departments of the organization…show more content…
During my internship I found these factors make work in a startup a pleasant experience and good addition to your resume. • Great Responsibility: Generally when you are working in a startup, you will be a member of a small team unlike the big MNC’s. In a big Multi National Company, you may not have been given the same opportunity or had an entire company rely on the work which you do. But in a startup even a small work done by you matters and it is valued. Does this means you are most important member of the team, may be not but you can definitely feel that you work is valued and important. • Chance to know your inner passion: Startups are driven by pure passion and eagerness to try something new. When you are working in such an organization you can understand your inner passion. When iam in college I was skeptical about research work. But now I understand the importance of research and I plan to pursue masters as part of my education. To be frank no one in the world is more passionate than a founder of a startup and this is the most important thing that is necessary in every body’s life because if you do not have passion towards the work which you do then there is no use even though earn a hefty check. • Lot of…show more content…
But startup compensate the salary in an indirect manner, a system which is not based on dollars, but rather in skills attained and opportunities seized. The experience which you earn at startup will outweigh the pay cut which I can say with confidence. • Learn to be Frugal: Generally capital with startup is not always surplus. Even if you find a investor who is ready to spend a hefty amount on the startup, the company still tries to achieve a lot with less spending. This frugality and importance of money will definitely find a way in to your life which helps you in finding new ways to fulfill your wishes instead of spending money like water. You'll find happiness in being part of a team that is trying to make other people's lives easier, more fun, and more manageable (Which is what Function Space is doing by the way). • Value of Hard work and

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