Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Journalist

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What is a journalist? A reporter or journalist is a professional who gathers news on current events of general interest, which examines these facts or analyses and publishes about it in media (news). This activity is called journalism, a word derived from the French 'journal', meaning diary. A journalist is often seen as the practitioner of a profession, that is, he or she often works from a deeper motivation that is independent of a direct appointment or assignment, similar to that from a doctor or priest. Journalism is a competitive field, yet highly rewarding. To be successful as a journalist, you must have a passion for truth and honesty and the nerve to go out and get the story. Keep on reading to learn all about journalism. What does a journalist really do?…show more content…
Picture You encounter journalists at:•newspapers •journals •weekly magazines •radio and television programs •news agencies There are also freelance journalists working for several clients. There is an overlap in the work of journalists, editors and copywriters. Sometimes you are both an editor and journalist. You're often part of an editorial board of a particular medium. You will be sent out by editors or chief editors or you present matters into your editorial yourself. You will participate in editorial meetings and sometimes work as a team. Your job as a journalist is also corrected, edited and incorporated by an editor. The employer is often a publishing company. Which skills are required? •Oral and written communication. As a journalist, you are not just writing, you should be able to ask good questions and the ability to listen carefully. •Analytical thinking. As a journalist you must be able to distinguish main issues from side issues. •Working carefully. You have to double-check your research before you can publish something about it. •Good with people. You need to maintain a network of contacts and be able to get information for an

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