Personal Narrative: My Senior Capstone Experience

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School is designed to teach students about the basics of several topics, but internships and jobs provide the opportunity to explore deeper. Some criticize jobs for being monotonous and unable to fully utilize a person’s creativity, but the reward depends much on the effort put into the experience. Although there are several jobs that only require the repetition of identical steps and are lackluster, approaching each day with the willingness to learn can significantly enhance a person’s experience and may even lead to a promotion that promises new opportunities. Although there have been several problems concerning my Senior Capstone Experience, I believe being reflective transformed the conflicts into a chance to learn about the nature of the world. Before my original internship at Emory was cancelled, I observed my mentor work on extremely complicated equipment such as mass spectrometers. Rather than misusing my time and simply watching, I seized the opening to inquire about aspects about the mass spectrometer that were not discussed in class such as the purpose of auxiliary and sheath gas. Also at times, a graduate…show more content…
I began learning a programing language called Python, anticipating a new senior capstone experience in the field of computer science. My previous mentor emphasized the importance of being versatile and knowledgeable in growing job markets, one of which was big data. As time passed, I became impatient after receiving no response for my applications and worried about my placement. After evaluating the situation, I improved upon my application process and began to directly call the companies. Although I was often met with rejection, having a clear answer was much better than ambiguity. Finally, the Kids’ Scientist Club accepted as one of their interns. By assessing myself and adjusting my methods based on previous experience, I was able to secure an

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