The Importance Of Post-Secondary Education To A Successful Career

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In this ever changing world, the importance of a good education has become paramount to a successful career. The process of choosing which post-secondary institution to attend has become nearly as competitive as the Olympics. The standards of admittance into these colleges and universities has risen sharply just as the demand for such an education has also risen. The minimum requirements for almost every decent paying job is a four-year degree from an accredited institution. While attending college is the lowest requirement for most jobs having a degree from an institution that is widely regarded as one of the best in a specific field can lead to a much more successful career. College is a major investment, but one with the possibility of a major return on that investment. According to the United States Census Bureau eighty-six percent of Americans have at least a high school diploma. With a majority of people carrying a high school diploma, it is necessary to go above and beyond in one’s education. With almost three-thousand, four-year degree granting institutions in the United States there is almost an endless array of options for education, as well as the desired degree. College, however, is not only a time for learning in the…show more content…
True learning does not come in a classroom, but out in the community. Information is received in classrooms, but whether a student understands it or not happens outside of classrooms. College is a time to become more cultured and experience life within a reasonably sheltered environment. Learning how to handle pressure in many different environments is just as important as learning how to be able to anticipate what might be needed to function while performing the tasks that are demanded by a career. The college experience as a whole can be one that can educate the whole student or just be four more years of

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