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The Open Brow Lift Technique The brow lift is an outpatient procedure that can be done either with intravenous sedation and local anesthetic or with general anesthesia. At the beginning of the procedure, the hair may be tied back with rubber bands. The patient is then placed face-up on the operating table with the head of the bed elevated. Finally, the scalp and face are sterilized with antiseptic solution and drapes are placed to protect and surround the forehead. Several Incision Approaches The traditional incision for the open brow lift is referred to as a transcoronal incision. This incision extends from the top of one ear across the hair-bearing scalp to the top of the opposite ear (see Figure XIII-2). The forehead lift is often carried out in conjunction with the facelift procedure. In this situation, the incisions are designed to join with the standard incisions of the facelift operation. The advantage of the transcoronal approach is that the scar will be entirely hidden in hair-bearing scalp. The disadvantage is that the hairline will be lifted and rotated backward by the operation, elevating it half again (150%) as much as the brow itself is elevated. In other words, if the eyebrow is to be moved up by 1/2 cm, the hairline will be moved up by 3/4 cm. In most women with a normal hairline, this is not a problem. In men with…show more content…
One alternative is the excision (removal) of skin above the eyebrows, although this approach risks creating both a visible scar along the top portion of the eyebrow and numbness of the forehead if the supraorbital or supratrochlear nerves (sensory nerves to the forehead) are injured. If the patient has deep forehead creases, the incision can be placed directly in a forehead crease. The healed scar will lie in the horizontal crease and should not be more perceptible than the crease itself was before the

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