Importance Of Ict In Education

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I. Introduction The goal of every public school offering junior high school is to give free and quality education to its people. To a more specific sense, its goal is to nurture and hoan every student in order to come up with their hollistic development. With this, public schools are subjected to questions whether if goals can be upholded and achieved despite being free and accessible to its people – although free and accessible can be considered as positives, these can be used as measures of up to what extent a public school achieve in the present and where it is going in the future. As a former student of a typical public high school, many problems arose during the 4 years of studying in this school – Polo National High School a public…show more content…
Thus, there is a real need for ICT or Information and Communications Technology. “Information and Communications Technology education is basically our society’s efforts to teach its current and emerging citizens valuable knowledge and skills around computing and communications devices, software that operates them, applications that run on them and systems that are built with them.”. In this sense, it is becoming an imperative for citizens to take this course. In Polo National High School (PNHS), there is ICT facility but the thing is students are not given the chance between ICT or TLE – leaving TLE as the only option. During my era, this is already a dilemma for the school which is also recurring up to now. According to Mrs. Legaspi, in order for the students to be prepared in the future there should be an ICT subject available for the students. Also, according to Mrs. Legaspi, they are to recruit teachers who are equipped in teaching ICT so that by the next years they can be able to offer ICT subjects to the future…show more content…
According to Mrs. Legaspi, there is no problem with regards to the behavior of the students instead there is a need to notice the classroom-student ratio. According to statistics released by the Valenzuela City Government, the present classroom-student ratio is 1:54. Although the establishment of the new public high school nearby PNHS alleviated the case, there is still a need for more classrooms in order to lower student’s number per classroom. Thus, it makes it more conducive for the students in focusing during classroom discussions and helpful for the teacher in attending to a number of

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