Person-Centered Therapy Theory

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APPLICATION OF THEORIES Regarding the group assignment, we execute the helping session between student who is Felisia, as helpee and helper, Lim Zhi Yi, as helper at University Malaysia Sarawak. From the conversation between them, we applied two types of theories which are Person Centered Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Theory. Person Centered Therapy The Person-Centered Approach created from the work of the analyst Dr. Carl Rogers (1902 – 1987). Amid that time (1940s – 1960s), he propelled a way to deal with psychotherapy and directing that was considered to a great degree radical if not progressive. Initially portrayed as non-order, this treatment moved far from the thought that the specialist was the master and towards a hypothesis that believed the inborn inclination which is known as the actualising propensity of people to discover satisfaction of their own possibilities. A vital piece of this hypothesis is that in a specific mental environment, the satisfaction of individual possibilities incorporates…show more content…
CBT is presumption that a person's mood is directly related to his or her patterns of thought. The objective of CBT is to help an individual figure out how to perceive negative examples of thought, assess their legitimacy, and supplant them with healthier methods for thinking. For the advisors who rehearse CBT plan to help their patients change patterns of behaviour that originate from useless considering. Negative thoughts and behavior predispose a person to depression and make it almost difficult to escape its downward spiral. At the point when examples of thought and conduct are changed, by professionals and specialists, so the mood is on. Other than that, the CBT is a manifestation of psychotherapy which discusses "what we consider ourself, the world and other individuals" and "what will influences our thoughts and

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