Importance Of ICT In Special Education

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2.1.1 ICT in special education According to (Simsek, Altuna and Ates, 2017) Text to speech and software’s helps visually impaired children to learn by hearing and speech to text software helps the children with hearing disabilities. According to (Edwards, 2006) assistive technology software helps the students with special education needs to use computers for study purpose through voice command, talk back, joy stick, electronic pointing device, drawing and plotting, auditory output, tactile output. This software’s can be installed in the computers to recognise the user’s disability and computers response accordingly, which enables the children to learn to read, write and draw their interested subject or picture. 2.1.2 Provides variety of study…show more content…
2.1.4 Collaborative learning Now IT has made it easy to study as well as teach in groups or in clusters. With online we can be unite together to do the desired task. Efficient postal systems, the telephone (fixed and mobile), and various recording and playback systems based on computer technology all have a part to play in educational broadcasting in the new millennium. The Internet and its Web sites are now familiar to many children in developed countries and among educational elites elsewhere, but it remains of little significance to very many more, who lack the most basic means for subsistence. 2.1.5 Multimedia approach to education Audio-Visual Education, planning, preparation, and use of devices and materials that involve sight, sound, or both, for educational purposes. Among the devices used are still and motion pictures, filmstrips, television, transparencies, audiotapes, records, teaching machines, computers, and videodiscs. The growth of audio-visual education has reflected developments in both technology and learning…show more content…
All learning is based on perception, the process by which the senses gain information from the environment. The higher processes of memory and concept formation cannot occur without prior perception. People can attend to only a limited amount of information at a time; their selection and perception of information is influenced by past experiences. Researchers have found that, other conditions being equal, more information is taken in if it is received simultaneously in two modalities (vision and hearing, for example) rather than in a single modality. Furthermore, learning is enhanced when material is organized and that organization is evident to the student. These findings suggest the value of audio-visuals in the educational process. They can facilitate perception of the most important features, can be carefully organized, and can require the student to use more than one

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