The Importance Of Love

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No one is born good or bad, and no one is born “perfect”, for there is no such thing, we only present ourselves as something we hope others will perceive as perfect. A person should not be treated differently just because they seem different. These individuals are often the ones who are judged and neglected. We need more love and nurturing, rather than hatred and ill will. Life should be about empowerment and making differences. One thing I am certain of is I want to make that difference in someone's life, to spread love and encouragement to helpless individuals, those treated differently for being who they are. What is saddening is that generous people are misjudged or questioned why they have so much love for anyone or their motives behind…show more content…
The love I emit to others is all the abundant love I have had shown to me, from parents, friends, companions, even strangers. The desire to spread this love derives from just that, love received. Some people, on the other hand, do not experience such love, whether it is familial, friendship or romantic. No matter the person, I yearn to be a source of healing for these individuals, individuals who feel alone and neglected, trapped and helpless. Marvelous beings who receive little love, this greatly saddens me. Is it because they do not meet society’s standards? Regardless of one’s looks or behavior, everyone is entitled to receiving love. Not one person should not be restricted of doing so. There are many different types of love in this world. It is a blessing that I have been given such abundant love and nurturing from family. Growing up in such a caring, supportive and warm-hearted household, those traits often reflect in me. I certainly never want people to feel the way I feel on my worst days, alone, uncared for, and like it was my fault. Never would I wish bad upon them, I know that those individuals who hurt me are likely dealing with something much greater than I have ever dealt with. This is partly a reason why I want to spread so much love; you never know how much a person is

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