Tourism In Sri Lanka Essay

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Tourism is the world’s largest and one of the emerging industries worldwide (UNCTAD, 2007). As mentioned above, tourism is one of the major industries in many countries, including Sri Lanka, with the highest growth potential. Tourism considers as the world’s largest employer and also considers as major sources of substantial foreign exchange earner to any country (Blank, 1991 & Richards, 2003). According to Beeton (2006), tourism is one of the major means that helps to development of local community. Honeck (2008) revealed that tourism industry has proved continued and strong growth in most of developing countries which are characterized with high level of widespread poverty. He further emphasized that tourism has become major contributors…show more content…
Wolfensohn (1996), explained that participation normally search for collaboration or corporation and the dedication required to ensure the sustainability of tourism developments. As Haval (1996) mentioned, local communities are rarely engaged with tourism developments and normally they are voiceless in development process. This passive participation of local communities for tourism development initiations is contrary to the principles of sustainable tourism developments (Mbaiwa, 2005). According to Kibicho (2003) and Cole (2006), the way community people participate & contribute for tourism activities escorts to getting local community attachment for tourism activities and it also essential component to attaining sustainable development of the tourism industry. As per Haval (1996) explained, community participation for tourism reflects the certain level of involvement of relevant community in the decision making process and this will allow community people to contribute a certain tourism project. As noted earlier there are limited number of research studies carried out concerning this matter, which make it all the more relevant. Sri Lanka is a promising tourism destination with a vast unexplored potential. After Sri Lanka established the peace in 2009, tourism

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