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It refers to the use of Educational Technology components such as Hardware, Software and systems approach in planning, teaching-learning, Administration and Evaluation process. In order to achieve the above said goals and virtues of education, as well as to foster the moral values, Spiritual values among the students, and to equip them with well stuff of knowledge and to make students fit in the present society and to make them enlightened citizens of our nation education system must adopt some innovative strategies along with the traditional strategies which are now in practice. In order to adopt some innovative practices in education, there is an urgent need of use educational technology in education. Educational Technology is most helpful…show more content…
K (2012) Says that, Faculty should have awareness of the present technology. In our country many academicians are still in the use of black boards (Chalk-talk) and they don’t want to change their attitude. They have to come out and should use latest technologies and update their knowledge by attending seminars, workshops presented by scholars. This will be very useful as interaction will other will keep them abreast with latest developments in technology. Lecturers should be computer literate to use the multimedia in a classroom. During the presentation in a class other staff members should attend to such presentation to watch how the teacher is giving the presentation, and the various techniques they are using etc. This is one way of internal training, This will be very useful. Faculty members should adopt this type of culture among themselves. The Colleges will have to provide necessary software and hardware facilities. Therefore there is a need to develop ICT Competency among Teacher Educators. According to a UNESCO publication on teacher education through distance learning (Perraton et, al. 2001), integrating ICT in teacher education refers to two sets of activities or roles. One is training teachers to learn about ICT and its use in teaching as computers are introduced to schools.… The other role of ICT is as a means of providing teacher education, either as a core or main component of a programme, or playing…show more content…
Some of the definitions are as follows.. Travers - “An attitude is a readiness to respond in such a way that behavior is given a certain direction” According to this definition, attitude is responsible for behaving in a particular way and in definite way. If one keeps a positive and favorable attitude towards an object, he will be attracted towards it, he will admire it and tries to achieve it. On the other hand, if one has a negative or unfavorable attitude, one will try to avoid it and even feel hostile to it. Mekeachie and Dayle: Define “Attitude as an organization of concepts, beliefs ,habits and motives associated with a particular object.” This definition takes in to account all of the concepts beliefs habits and motives associated with the object. The concept and beliefs associated with an attitude are often referred to as the cognitive component of the attitude, the habit as the action component, and the motives as the affective components. In this way, all what one thinks, feels, and how he does react expresses one’s attitude towards an

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