Essay About My Day

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To say my day was horrible would be an immense understatement. This morning, or rather afternoon, I woke up and realized that I was late for school. I’ve never in my life been delayed, or even unpunctual, to class. I then immediately jumped out of my bed from my curled up ball of blankets, and dashed into getting dressed. I went searching my closet, each drawer in my dresser, and finally dashed into the laundry room across the house where I found my uniform shirts in the dirty hamper. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t thrown them in the wash, so I became infuriated and frustrated. In the meantime, I put on one of my little brother’s dinosaur t-shirts because of the time being. I bolted out the front door without even having a bite of breakfast and was on my way to school until I noticed that my dog was following close behind me. I couldn’t just let her stay running around the neighborhood exploring for trouble to get into, so I ran back home, grabbed a handful of treats, and shook them in my hand while calling her name. As I got closer and closer to her, she figured out that I was trying to catch her, so she ran away. When she finally came out of the…show more content…
Fortunately for me, she’s a doctor, so she fixed my arm up in a cast accompanied with an arm sling. While in the process of her fixing my arm, I told her all about my terrible, no-good day, and how nothing went fine all day. She told me that I had had a long day and that I should go to my room and sleep it off. I instantly fell asleep, but was soon woken up by my alarm. As I reached to turn it off, I noticed that my arm wasn’t in a sling, and it didn’t even hurt one bit. While walking around my room, I found my uniforms were all hung up and ironed, and my bicycle was in the front yard with a perfect round tire. It was then that I came to the conclusion that this was all just a terrible
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