The Importance Of Diversity

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Talking about diversity, it is a wide-range word that may spawn many ideas. Some may think of the British street dance group. Unfortunately I am not going to talk about that. Diversity is too general that provides many things we see and be involved in our daily life. According to Cambridge Dictionary, diversity means the fact of many different types of thing or people being included in something; a range of different things or people. It can also be defined as the fact that there are many different ideas or opinions about something. For instance, the community that we tend to meet every day, flying birds in the air, producing mellifluous sound, trees and plants that children usually used to think they are non-living organisms, also a motley…show more content…
First, we must foster unity in our community. Despite different races, ethnics, religions, every single people deserve human rights. It is iniquitous if we discriminate people based on their life backgrounds. Human rights is inexhaustible. People came from zero. Our surrounding shapes us as a person. Responsibility to restrain racial strife from emerging, weighs on everyone’s shoulder. Tolerance is the keyword in order to grab the title of harmonious country. For example, Malaysia is popularly known for its multiracial citizens. Three most dominating races consisted in Malaysia are Malays, Chinese and Indian. Malays is the official ethnic and race in Malaysia. Different identities and backgrounds cannot waver the bond among the Malaysians. It is normal if our opinions and views are contradictory but tolerance must be practised as it unites us and able to make us be more open-minded. Second, the significance of respecting each other must be prioritized because it is what we had been taught when we were little. The word respect does not specifically applicable for elders only. What surrounds us, we must respect them. For instance, though we think faunas cannot walk and talk, they still deserve our respect as they contribute to give off oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide. Imagine our world with no lush plants, the earthlings would be in scorching hot! With that, we must be
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