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Communication with my supervisor, Ciro, is going smoother than I anticipated. Originally, I was worried he would not speak fluent English and it would be difficult for us to communicate with each other. But, Ciro speaks English fairly well. However, because English is not his first language, there have been some obvious language barriers between us. Nonetheless, I believe we have developed an adequate communication system for both email and in-person conversation. I meet in person with Ciro once per week for approximately two to three hours. During these meetings, we discuss the tasks I was assigned from the prior week and Ciro provides me with a list of additional tasks and expectations for the next week. I admit during our first few meetings, I found myself confused by Ciro’s directions and his explanation of the tasks assigned. It was sometimes difficult for me to understand his broken English, and sometimes even the tone of his voice and inflections confused me. For example, while we were browsing Etsy together, he showed me one of his competitor’s products, to which I replied, “That wallet looks…show more content…
When I am not at his shop, we communicate via email and Google Drive. Google Drive allows me to share my work and for him to review, edit, and comment on the assignments he has given me. I find this type of communication to be more challenging than in person. In person, I can quickly ask Ciro a follow up question if needed. When communicating via email, Ciro typically sends me a long list of tasks and I sometimes do not understand entirely what he is asking me to do. I usually respond and ask for clarification, but I feel awkward and uncomfortable doing so. I do not want to frustrate him with all of my questions. But I would rather be right than wrong. Fortunately, he responds quickly to my questions, so I am able to complete my work in a timely
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