Importance Of Physics In Everyday Life

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Physics is one of the most important parts of the science as its principles are matter, force, energy, and motion. Whatever we do, there is physics involved. I thought there are uncountable things to write on physics. I realized I should write about the most used principle of physics and the activities. One of the most used principles in our daily life is gravity, we wouldn’t be able to walk, stand, etc., without gravity, which is one of the essential principles of physics. We use the principle of physics in our everyday life activities such as walking, cooking, cutting, watching, and opening and closing objects. Firstly, Walking involves numerous principles of physics. It does involve laws of inertia, friction, gravitational law, and Kinetic and Potential energy. When we take a step to walk, the leg plays a role of axis and stomach is in the motion of an arc. When we put our foot on the ground, we lay weight and pressure the ground. When the leg moves, kinetic energy is at its most and the potential energy is almost nothing or zero, however, when the leg is raised towards the stomach, the potential energy rises to its maximum. “Modeling the underlying dynamics of motion should result in more accurate tracking and…show more content…
When we are above to cut, we put pressure on the knife. The more pressure we use, the easier it is to cut easily. “From the Third Law, the conservation of the linear momentum in impacts may be deduced, leading to the problem of another equation determining velocity, and this is obtained from the experimental law of elastic collisions” (Perl, 2002). Pressure is dependent on force and area. In basic words, the more pressure we apply the easier it is to cut. Likewise, cutting with a sharp knife is easier than a blunt knife. Blunt knife offers more friction, because of its rough edges and making it difficult for an

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