Theme Of Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill A Mockingbird, a world famous novel wrote by an extraordinary author, Harper Lee. This novel takes place among the devastating era of the 1930s. The small town of Maycomb is faced with a problem that puts the town at an unease state. One man named Atticus Finch is put on the strenuous court case where he is looked down upon by his peers. Despite the town's talking, Atticus still puts an immense amount of work in his case, as he would for others. A character in the town that talks about Atticus is an older lady named, Ms. Dubose. She is experiencing pain because of a past addiction to Morphine and this also makes her very grumpy and expresses her pain by speaking harshly to others that walk past her. A child named Jeremy Finch, son of Atticus, gets to experience one on one what courage really is. All characters have one thing in common, a strong heart, because of this their courage is easy seen through each individual.…show more content…
The main event of this book is a trial that takes place because a black man is being prosecuted for rape. Despite the drawbacks of the town and family, Atticus still sees through with his case. He tries to free a man that has him on death row based upon accusations. This case is presented with an absence amount of evidence, leaving Atticus to create a moving courtroom speech to allow his defendant to try and get away without an
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