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INTRODUCTION TO PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Appraising the performance of people, teams and organizations is a typical practice of all societies. In some instances these appraisal processes are structured and formally sanctioned, in different instances they're a casual and integral a part of daily activities. lecturers value the performance of students, bankers value the performance of creditors, parents value the behavior of their youngsters and every one folks, consciously or unconsciously value our own actions from time to time. In social interactions, performance is conducted in a very systematic and planned manner to attain widespread quality in recent years. Performance appraisal is that the method of getting, analyzing…show more content…
Appraisal is necessary|is critical} for all important decisions with reference to people, like placement and promotion, remuneration and reward, training and development, likewise as long-run man power designing and organization development. In recent years, efforts are created to use appraisal systems for motivation, for more practical communication, for strengthening superior-subordinate relationships, for goal setting and work designing and for up the overall performance of the organization. however in spite of its importance, uneasiness regarding appraisal has been a long-standing feature of management. there's little doubt throughout the past three decades, several developments have taken place and plenty of innovations, have been made in managerial appraisal system. Still, several problems…show more content…
The performance data to be considered for evaluation should be carefully selected. For the purpose of evaluation, the criteria selected should be in quantifiable or measurable terms Create a rating instrument The purpose of the Performance appraisal process is to judge the performance of the employees rather than the employee. The focus of the system should be on the development of the employees of the organization. Lack of competence Top management should choose the raters or the evaluators carefully. They should have the required expertise and the knowledge to decide the criteria accurately. They should have the experience and the necessary training to carry out the appraisal process objectively. Errors in rating and evaluation Many errors based on the personal bias like stereotyping, halo effect (i.e. one trait influencing the evaluator’s rating for all other traits) etc. may creep in the appraisal process. Therefore the rater should exercise objectivity and fairness in evaluating and rating the performance of the employees.

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