The Importance Of International Communication

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Media acts as a mean to transmit messages from the person communicating them to the person receiving them. In the ancient ages, the information being passed around was not as complex as it is today, but with the help of evolution and civilization everything seems to change. Communicating a message was ordinarily done through smoke signals, a messenger on their horse or stone tablets, and this was neither easy nor effective. This however, urged advancements in the future communication strategies. Media today is so deep, rich and fascinating to the point where we start to ask ourselves when and how did we get here so fast. When you switch on your radio or television you find a variety of content to choose from such as movies, series, news/sports…show more content…
Throughout it’s existence; communication has been linked to social issues, behaviors, and most importantly politics, and now that it has converged with the Internet, the control of the flow of information became necessary for political purposes. In this context; to posses power is to have control over whether or not there should be a free flow of information. (Gauhar, 1979). When the US was aiming to control international communication; surveillance tools were used, as well as spying satellites. Moreover; powerful countries such as China, Russia and the European Union created more advanced technologies that included navigation tools like the…show more content…
The speed at which media evolved is overwhelming; it might seem normal and unavoidable because it has become an important part of people’s lives, however it is important to stop and as the simple question “why”. Why is media so important to the point that it has a great impact on one’s daily life? When examining our world and how it works you notice that media actually helps us achieve some very basic tasks that are perhaps necessary and have so much importance. A clear role of media is entertainment. Media can trigger the creativeness in people and can also be a path to idealism. Consumers of television shows have the opportunity to loosen up and relax at end of a stressful tiring day by watching their favorite TV show that might be a singing show, a movie, a series or a sports event. Media is a way to escape from the stressful tiring daily routine. In addition, social networking sites are another way to escape especially for younger generations. These sites played a major role in changing how people chose to communicate. Having these sites available comes with many advantages that contribute to making communication easier; we now have emails, instant messaging, picture and video sharing. These sites are somehow the main

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