Importance Of Verbal Communication

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1. Designing a training package to handle verbal and non-verbal communications within your department and the F & B outlet Our team should focus on making all the employees having effective communication skills and organize a week of training programme by the business communication department to lessen the complaints and negative comments that the hotel gets. This mainly involves the F & B employees who deal with the customers daily. To meet the exact needs of the guest and turning the guest turns a ‘happy guest’. The WOW factor is the most important thing in our hospitality industry as we deal with people and thus, correct communication is very important. Venue : The classroom in the hotel or any quiet place to demonstrate and guide…show more content…
What is verbal and non verbal communication? There are 2 main types of communication one is the Verbal Communication in which there is use of words and phrases in any language. The process of actually speaking to pass on information from one person to another Other type of communication being the Non-Verbal Communication which means no amount of speaking is involved in this type of communication. It is made up largely of our actions, referred to as BODY LANGUAGE. Our actions when we look at people (eye contact), our facial expressions, the posture we assume, the way we shake hands and our overall appearance, are all ways of communicating without speaking. Relevance to this, there can be an activity done in the training for 20 minutes. The trainer can basically ask learners to identify the types of communication through picture illustrations and gestures. Apart from this, the trainer even can ask learners to demonstrate gestures that guests may make to communicate – e.g. indicating that they want the bill that they are in a hurry, that they want a drink. Other trainees must guess what the gesture means/ what the guest…show more content…
Guests staying or dining at the hotel occasionally be disappointed or my find fault with service or facilities at the hotel. Hotel management should be attentive to guests with complaints and seek a timely and satisfactory resolution to the problem and also send a personalized apology letters to guest via email / fax / mail as part of the service recovery process in hotels. This helps in retaining the customer and his trust in your hotel and will forget the bitter moments and remember of all the good memories. ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS ASKED : Q1. The communication challenges that this F & B outlet there was miscommunication in the person taking the order and the guests being drunk due to the cocktails before dinner, were not in the normal presence of mind, and yet there was some confusion. After that there was a problem in the staff coping up with the VIP guests of the hotel because it was a casual dining restaurant. The orders were changed half way and thus we know that there was lack of understanding in the front of the house and back of the house because the kitchen staff could not manage with the changes of orders that the guests made. The dishes made were not up to the standards of the hotel and were uncooked which was a disgrace for the reputation of the restaurant and thus, the communication rapport was the big problem. The order taker should have confirmed the order again

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