Martial Law In The Philippines

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In my opinion, I think that the era of Martial Law in the Marcos regime can be considered as the dark period or age of the Philippines. Although a lot of infrastructures, buildings, and produce has been made during this era, it doesn’t negate the fact that many people had suffered and died because of an authoritarianism way of running the government. It can be also considered that our economy at that time was slowly approaching the countries which are called Asian tigers which was the richest countries but when Marcos takes the office a sudden drop of economy was experienced leading to increase the cost of standard of living in the Philippines. The Martial Law was declared by Marcos to avoid the over usage of power within the government and to lessen the gap between the rich and poor but sadly he has become a hypocrite. Instead of setting as an…show more content…
(2015, September 21) A Teen During the Martial Law Era Retrieved from: , she was 15 years old when she experienced the Martial Law and it wasn’t the best experience ever especially for a 15 year old girl who wants to play with her friends and go out with them. When they want to go out and bonding they weren’t allowed if they don’t have permit. You have to get a permit to go out when your group compose of 5 or more people because the military will suspect you for organizing meetings against the government. Although this kind of set up is not very comfortable for us millennials they managed to get used to it and came up with a plan every time when they wanted to go out. Some of them will already arrange for the permit, parties will start at 7pm and end at 11:30 pm just in time to beat the curfew. She doesn’t consider the curfew or the Martial Law as a hindrance to having fun, instead she took it as a lesson on how to be productive with the limited time given. She also learned to be punctual and organized to avoid wasting

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