Importance Of Communication In Business

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Communication can be defined as the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium such a telephone, Fax and computers. communication serves as the main backbone of any successful business. Without effective communication, managers will be a upable to state employees job description and expectation. If management can’t communicate with workers and workers cannot communicate with management the company will be unable to meet its goals and goals thereby leading to failure of the company. Simply, doing business requires much communication. As a manager, understanding how to communicate with other employees of the company and the customers is very important. It guides the Manager in conveying the right message to the right recipient of the message. According to the case study number in consideration, According to article one "Why Business Communication is so Important" The writer states that Good business communication is necessary for building a successful business.…show more content…
He explains that you don’t need to have an extensive analysis of small talk in business communication, rather you are to have a brief discussion about it and move on as soon as possible, this helps to develop a relationship between you and your target audience. If your readers or listeners are used to regular small talks with you, On the rare occasion that you leave it out, most readers and listeners will sense the feeling that everything is not alright. Furthermore, He explains the issue about small time and time wastage, He said as a reader, he says nothing wrong in business writing rather, He sees it as a necessity for creating a good relationship between the writer and the reader. He concluded by explaining that small talk helps build a relationship with your business and people do business with people they
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