Impact Of Social Media In Business

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Social Media and Business What is Social media? Social media sites are a web-based services were user able to create a public or semi-public profile, to interact with the other users within the system and share a list of connection with them. The Early Years The 21 Century was called a century of information Systems. Social media made a huge impact in transforming business and communications. Social media and networking are the fastest way to grow a business entity. In 2000, many social networking sites emerged to ease interaction with people that share the common interest in music, education, movies and so on. It also played a vital role in how businesses were able to manage their transactions and advertisements, and also their products.…show more content…
There are a few communication channels in the business organization that includes meetings, emails, and phone calls. People do mistakes: it is easy to forget to send an email or miss to take a note during a meeting. Here come social media- it helps to increase the communication and its effectiveness within the organization. People can simply send a message through a messenger and get a quick response. In this case, time is saved and productivity is improved. It also resulted from a better outcome and gave a better collaboration between team…show more content…
When businesses use social media sites, it enlarges the conversation, the companies must take the time to review the conversation and must dedicate time and effort to respond to customers responses. Social media is a cheap way to promote the company's name, which is very important. In the period when the company does not have sufficient money, they have to be very careful where, when and from who they would buy the product or services. During recession time, a lot of companies made several unpleasant decisions for customers. This is where social media helped- it was the most inexpensive method of marketing and advertising, but also offered its brand that was reliable to the customers. It allowed two-way communication between brands and the customers and enabled customers to react to the concerns of the customers. If there was no response from the business about the concerns, the customers would consider the company as not reliable, in that case, the company would lose the brand loyalty and credibility. Social media is not only a place to market the products and services of a company, but also a place to interact with the customers to try and solve their

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