Essay On Impact Of Social Media

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Impact of Social Media Social media, who doesn’t know about it, especially now day’s people always use social media itself for daily use. But even almost everyone use social media but sometimes. There definitely someone that doesn’t know about negative affect from social media for them. And sometimes there is someone use social media unwisely. Hate speech is could be dangerous if someone trust that speech in social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Cause hate speech could be like hoax which mean that the truth of the speech or news still unpredictable. So if someone trust it that can make the users of social media separate. And the other negative affect of social media is from its users itself. Cause with social media it can make other people be jealous or envious if we share too much about yourself. Like sharing our vacation to overseas and even our…show more content…
This case frequently happen in social media. Cause the deceiver just need to have a fake account and with many fake followers. Then when we already wanted to buy the item and transfer the money the deceiver will gone with the money. And the last of negative effect from using social media is. Lack of social life skill. This could be happen cause in now day’s people more often to use their social media too much and spend just a few time to socialize with their neighbor. In other word they going to ignore their importance and the appreciate behavior related with their surrounding environment. And they could called by anti-social with them neighbor or even with their family. And the worst is the cannot recognize what happen or what should they do when the neighbor has gathering to discuss about the environment. Aside from the negative effect of social media, there is also has a positive effect social media. That’s mean we already could use social media wisely. Then the positive effect will give a very big impact to our life (make our job
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