Pros And Cons Of Nsocial Media

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NSocial Media Social media is a form of applications made from various development or developer of different companies and with the creator of the different, that continues on a renewal of social media o could be called ‘sosmed’. Used to socializing and connect people all around the world. The way it works is in the form of messages delivery from the one to others and without limit of space and time, or you can say that we socializing online. And of course, to use it we need an internet connection. For the example of social media are Instagram, Line, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Whatsapp. Usually, Line and Whatsapp are used for personal chat, but you can still share photos and video, also you can make a free call or video call from that platform. While in Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook users used for sharing pictures or videos, you can add some caption on it, and also users sharing some news, tips and trick, and so on. Although it is super useful, of course, social media has a pro and contra. Besides social media has a positive impact, of course they have negatives ones. Lack of socializing in the real world and a very valuable time wasted. Why? Because with the…show more content…
Social media also allows drilling for all kinds of information up to date or information that has been. Because not everyone will see improving the news, and it's going to be more often checking accounts of social media. So, sometimes in social media also discuss issues that are at that time and must be busy to talk about by people in social media. And of course it's connected globally. And if you remember, in voicing their opinion, it would be very difficult because the only option is to send it in newspapers, and competing with thousands of people whose voice also want to be published. In the era of social media, you can share what they want, and you can even spread to another part of the

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