Advantages And Disadvantages Of Organizations Hosting Fundraisers

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Know Your Place Organizations hosting fundraisers begin with a complete understanding of their place. Your structure, registration and or organization affiliation will play a prime factor in planning a fundraiser: Non-profit: Non-profit organizations have specific advantages. In the first place, they can accept donations providing receipts for the donating party. A cash donation is straight forward. The funds are deposited and a receipt for the deposit given the donating individual or business. The second advantage is that they can take property. The donation can be used or sold at the description of the non-profit organization. For example, an item can be donated to be used for a silent auction. Or the item may be used by the…show more content…
They will not accept any donation they cannot clearly document. For that reason, you need to be aware of that requirement. Channel all your communications to support quality documentation. Keep in mind that need may be immediate. But a successful fundraiser, one that brings in a sufficient amount of funds, takes time and planning. If you are talking with an organization that expects to plan and host the event in an extreme short period of time it may be best to offer suggestions, but not get too involved. You will build a reputation with these organizations. The more successful fundraisers you perform the high the demand will be of your services. Just recognize that you will also have to be a coach. You need to “lead” the organization by providing suggestions, recommendations and ideas that help sell tickets. If you are marketing the “no cost / no risk” fundraiser approach ticket sales should be your focus. The structure of this type of fundraiser usually splits ticket sales with the hosting organization. They may bring in thousands of dollars with silent auctions, game booths, raffles and other activities during the event. But you do not make any money from

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