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METHODOLOGY My report aimed to know about the importance of social media in business. It aimed to find out few points which are is social media helpful for increasing brand awareness, is it is cost effectives and freely accessible and are the customers satisfied with it. To find out the answers about the importance of social media surveying random people in Bahrain is the best option. This research was done using quantitative approach through a questionnaire. The survey was conducted online by uploading questionnaire. A random number of 50 people among them who were business owners were questioned from 17 April 2017 to 20 April 2017. This questionnaire contains 7 questions. In some of the questions, respondents had to choose from a set…show more content…
As it provides and create awareness of business / brands. Social media is cost effective which helps in customer’s interaction. Reviews are easily accessible which helps in gaining information about customers thinking, knowing customers satisfaction regarding the brand. However, some disagrees because they are not interested in taking advantage from it or they are not social media person. Most people thinks that social media is an importance source because it helps them deliver their brands details or knowledge easily to customers. Customers can know about the new brands available in the markets and it is easily accessible and does not cost them. CONCLUSION Hence, we can conclude this study that social media is highly influence impact of brand awareness. The business could emerge due to social media as that consumers reveal their views through social media about the brand. The impacts of social media are getting higher nowadays as per new technologies, which help the business to know about their consumers need. It shows that the social media will be future of every corporate and small business, which helps to interact with their customers easily.

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